Tis’ the Season of Illness: Five ways to Boost your Immune System this Winter Season

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Or if you’re like me and haven’t even touched your decorations yet, it’s at least certainly beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. And while Santa is getting ready to pack up his sleigh with present galore, your immune system is gearing up for war. That’s right my Damsels, tis’ the season of stuffy noses, scratchy throats, and that dreaded thing called the flu. With the season of illness upon, it’s best to gear up our immune systems with the best defense possible!

Sleep is the number one thing you can do when trying to strengthen your immune system. After a long day, your body needs time to recharge so those late night instagram stalking sessions (we all know we do it) are going to need a new time slot. Only you know your body and everyone is different in terms of how much sleep they need but aim for at least a solid eight hours. People often forget (myself included) that your body heals the most at night and therefore sleep is essential for remaining healthy and at your best.

If you’re a smoker or go out for a drink often, it’s best to cut back on that for a bit. Tobacco and alcohol weaken your immune system immensely. Tobacco raises the risk of things such as bronchitis and pneumonia while alcohol increases the risk of lung infections. This is why sometimes after a night of partying you wake up feeling sick and no, I am not talking hangover sick.

Incorporating more fruits and veggies into your diet is another sure-fire way to assist your immune system in its flu season defenses. Fruits and veggies are not only good for you but the nutrients they provide help boost your immune system and filter out all of the bad stuff that goes into your body throughout the day. This is why when people cleanse they usually do so with fruits and vegetables. They also help boost your body’s antibody response, which in turn helps your body fight off germs and lingering illnesses.

Along with this adding a little lemon water into your diet, specifically in the morning, can help tremendously. Lemon water is another way to detox your body. Along with this, a glass of cold lemon water in the morning will help kick start your body for the day.

Even with all of these, adding some natural supplements into your diet can’t hurt either. My personal go to when I start feeling under the weather is echinacea. It’s a herb native in the Rockies that has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. It comes in several different forms but the two most common are in pill form and tea form. I usually take one pill in the morning and if I really feel something coming on drink a cup of tea before I go to bed. It’s a quick and easy way to help strengthen your immunity during this winter season.

So remember my Damsels, in the midst of this brutal and busy winter season, don’t forget to take care of yourself! Your health is the most important thing so do everything you can to maintain it!


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