Here’s what I’m about!

Hi, I’m Katelyn and when I tell people washing your face with honey works just as well as a store brand face wash, the look at me like I’m crazy. For every chemically induced product you find at your local drug store, there are just as good if not better all natural alternatives and I’m hoping this blog will open your mind to that! The central theme of my blog is going to be natural and organic. I am very much into lifestyle blogs and learning all natural ways to take care of yourself physically and mentally. I am the type of person to always dive into an alternative route before gambling with over the counter medications and products. Did you know raw honey has amazing anti-bacterial properties and when used as a face wash it not only combats acne but exfoliates your skin? How about the fact that an ice cold glass of lemon water in the morning kick starts your metabolism and even draw out toxins from your body? There’s also the fact that foods rich in vitamin B can help relax you when you’re struggling with your anxiety.

Now I’m not saying all natural routes are cure all’s. If you’re struggling with extreme depression or anxiety or your acne has become uncontrollable, then it would be best to speak with your doctor for there may be something deeper that is wrong that is the root of all of these things. But if you struggle with day-to-day acne, feel anxious but don’t want to take the medicated route just yet, or you’re just tired of how those over the counter products are making you feel, then testing the all-natural way is the perfect option for you. If you’re interested in learning more, click away! I’m happy to share anything I can in this regard! But remember, you know your body better than anyone and it’s up to you to determine what’s best for it!